Our current design is based on a 6'H x 6'W x 12'L cab area.  Below you will find some basic drawings of the cab design.  We are in the process of adding more specifications to this page, but you can always call or email us for more information. 


Basic Specifications: 

  • Cab Area: 6 feet x 12 feet x 6 feet tall

  • Tongue: 40 inches

  • Ball: 2 inch

  • Axle: 3000 lbs, torsion suspension with 4 inch travel

  • Base trailer weight: 980 lbs, max weight we have built with all accessories: 2000 lbs. 

  • Total height: 8 feet to top of roof rack with the 18.5" clearance axle.  We can drop these down too. 

  • Body material: Honey comb core Fiber re-enforced panel with gel coat each side.  .92lbs per sq foot

  • interior ceiling is exterior gel coat color

  • Roof color: white

  • Rear door capacity: 1000 lbs, 350 psi breaking strength. 

  • Floor: honeycomb FRP with PVC coating and 6 tie downs attached to frame. 

  • Warranty: 5 year Rolling Star warranty on graphics, floor, frame and entire structure. 

  • All aluminum frame construction

Standard features and options: 

6 x 12 x 6 cab built in honeycomb core FRP

Fiberglass Honeycomb core walls and ceiling with gel coat

3000 lb Axle

front chip guard

Trail Marker Graphics

Aluminum Fenders

Goodyear Tires made in USA

Full Spare

6 floor tie downs inside

PVC floor

removable and replaceable kick plates, interior

1 door with screen doors built in

two 30" x 30" windows with screens

lockable rear ramp door with legs for platform

roof rack with rear roller


side chip guards

dual Jerry Cans for Water or Fuel

Gloss black powder coated rims with old school Moon Cap

Powder Coated Aluminum fender with reinforced gusset

additional door with screen doors built in

2 gear access doors

rear full screen

LED waterfall Interior Lighting on walls

LED counter Lighting

Porch lighting exterior

LED down lighting on exterior

Solar Panel trickle charge

12V battery

110V shore power with four 110 outlets and four USB ports

Front window with visor

30" x 60" sky light, insulated tempered glass

Full Camper Queen Bed with Foam Mattress

12V power bed lift

Stikwood for wall coverings. 

Gel Coat Ceiling
Front Cabinets with 3 doors

fold down steps

up to 2 ARB 2500 awnings 8 feet x 10 feet

up to 2 RB tent rooms with sewn in floor 8 feet x 10 feet

2 aluminum side shelves for exterior that stow under bed

Overland Axe and Shovel with mount

3 YETI bottle openers

Roll out kitchen, propane fuel

For a price sheet, and a chance to see us or the trailers we have in stock, 

please call us at 315-235-2615


Or send us an email through our contact page. 


5 Year Warranty
Financing Available



info on the Biker Bar, Motorcycle mount

Product details:

Take your bike, ditch the straps



Biker Bar is a totally unique concept and a complete departure from the cumbersome straps, chocks and bolt-on systems that can be ineffective, unsightly and cause damage to paint, chrome and leather finishes.

  • Load and unload your Harley Davidson in less than a minute by yourself. No assistance needed.

  • Drive over steep, pitched terrain with your bike securely latched.

  • Adjustable clamping bar with neoprene lined clamps prevents scratches. Always remove clamping bar when not travailing.

  • Your motorcycle's suspension is not stressed. When the rider dismounts, the bike's suspension system remains slightly compressed, exerting just the right amount of upward pressure to maintain rigid stability without stressing the suspension components. A bike secured with a Biker Bar becomes an extension of the trailer’s suspension system, instead of amplifying it as an active bike suspension system would. Let your trailer suspension do the work.

  • Latching system easily unbolts from the trailer without crawling underneath, freeing up your trailer for other things.

  • Can be mounted in your garage for safely storing your bike.

  • Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with factory painted frames.

  • Six 1/4" increments of vertical adjustment to accommodate different motorcycle models.

Info provided by B&W Hitches

Biker Bars are supported and installed by: Rolling Star Manufacturing

Trail Marker is product of Rolling Star Manufacturing 


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