Trail Marker Models


The Olympic is our base model.  It features the 6'x12' standard Trail Marker Cab. Basic Trail Marker Graphics. Gel Coat Interior, and 1  Awning.  The Olympic need not have any rear door at all, just a big window.  Options and custom designs can be added to any Trail Marker Model.   The Olympic pictures here in Dark Gray Gel Coat and had upgraded olive drab graphics. The Olympic around $16,000 and is about 1000 lbs.  Options can be added.

In the below gallery of images you will see the basic Olympic Trailer.  Both shown below have some added upgrades but you will get the idea.  Seldom does anyone just purchase an Olympic without adding something to it. 


Please take note that below is showing  the white gel coat interior as well as a Manual Bed Lift and the Bushwhacker Style Bed Platform with two built in tables/ bed platforms.  

Trail Marker is product of Rolling Star Manufacturing 


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