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We started from the ground up and we build each trailer that way.  With a strong axle that can hold up to 3000 lbs.  As well as a basic trailer that is built with a honeycomb insulated  FRP wall material that allows the trailer to be as light as 1000 lbs and will max out at 2000lbs with all accessories added and interior amenities, yet still carry another 1500 lbs or more of gear. 

It has incredible functionality with a rear ramp door that makes loading gear or a 4-wheeler easy and fast.  The rear door also becomes a platform for any function you can imagine. After designing the ramp door, we found another use for the back door and that was to use it as an awning.  So we also offer the back door as a full hard awning door with gas assist shocks.  Of course you can be simple too and not even have a back door if you don't want one.  


There is tons of thought into every aspect of this trailer.  

Interior comfort and quality. 

Power bed lift with infinite adjust which can also  allow for camper queen double bunks. 

LED lighting, 12V system, Solar Panel Charger/ Converter

There is nothing like it.  


Everything is made to your desired options on the build sheet specification here in upstate NY.   Our standard Trail Marker build options are listed on the build sheets on the pricing page.  At this time we are not able to deviate from the options listed on our build sheets. 


Base model: build yourself

is less than $13,000

 be sure to check out our pricing page

5 Year Warranty
Financing Available
12 month lead time


We really appreciate you taking the time to look at this and read how this happened.  


Sarah Jo Bushinger

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Isn't it just a cargo trailer?  No its not actually.  We make them from scratch and build them to be a hybrid trailer that can be used to haul gear and also camp in.  The honeycomb walls sandwiched around fiberglass panels with gel coat also give it an R2 insulation value.  And the Trail Marker has a 5 year warranty. 

What if I want to put my motorcycle in there? Short answer is; yes you can no problem...on our Standard size Trail Marker. We can even make a wheel chuck that is removable after you remove the bike.  Remember that the axle is rated at 3000-3500lbs, and on a light weight Trail Marker that could leave as much as 2000 lbs for cargo.   more info on this on our SPEC page.  

That's a lot of money for a camper that does not have a kitchen?  Quick answer here is...  you can have a kitchen.  The front Cargo doors are made to be custom roll outs.  Roll outs are slide out counter tops that slide out from the cargo doors that are in front of the main door.  Roll out or slide outs are not that expensive to add structurally, but there is the added expense of the gas lines, the cook tops and the counter tops.   Roll out options can be as little as a few hundred dollars, or as elaborate as $1000.00 depending on how fancy you want to go. We really like to do slide out counter and storage areas made of aluminum in our weld shop.  You can simply put your cook stove and other accessories on them to use and stow away.  

Does it have a bathroom?  The Olympic up to the Sequoia come with a porta-potty as a free accessory. We joke around with our customers and say that if you can't poop in the woods, this may not be the camper for you.  The Trail Marker Trailer is made to be a more luxurious alternative to a tent.  We are now offering an Up & Out-house Model with a bathroom.  We are trying to keep the design pretty simple and adventurous. 

You should have the bed become a couch?  

check out the configuration in the Bushwhacker.  That is a bench with two tables that coverts into a bed platform. 


What are the dimensions of the Standard Trail Marker vs. The Bushwhacker? 

  • Standard Trail Marker: 6'H x 6'W x 12'L

  • Trail Marker "UP" 6'4"H x 6'W x 12'L

  • UP & OUT: 6'4"H x 6'8"W x 12'L

  • Bushwhacker: 5'H x 6'W x 10'L

*Ground clearance dependent on suspension lift option - see the pricing tab for our info on all dimensions and suspension options.** 

Do you have a showroom or inventory we can see? 

Unfortunately at this time we do not carry any inventory nor do we have a showroom.  We build each trailer to order from frame to completion in the factory.  We are happy to coordinate a visit for you when we have trailers in production. 

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Trail Marker FAQ's
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Adventure Awaits

We can meet almost any budget, and we have financing available also.

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