Below you will find links to two price sheets that you can download and print yourself to review.  We also have recently added them as PDF and Excel Sheets for you to play with and send to us.  

We have done everything we could to try and come up with every idea anyone could think of, but that would never be possible.  So as we have grown we have added more packages. 

One thing that many people ask is how to the packages work on the price sheet, like the Acadia, Olympic, and the Sequoia.  Well, its pretty simple.  You choose the first grouping for the basic structure and standard items, and then you just add in the convenience package.  It can be as simple as two pricing line items for the basic package and the sequoia package for example.  We do not deviate from these build sheets.  What you see is what you can get - if you want a package but don't want certain items within in we cannot delete items from a package.  

IMPORTANT!!!!  We understand this is a huge purchase for anyone.  It is essential to the success of the project and process that you work with us to get your build just right. It takes a bit of back and forth to go through everything and make sure you are comfortable.  It is totally normal to go through multiple revisions before we even get to a spec that we can quote.  Setting expectations and communicating is the key to any successful relationship and transaction.


The best starting point is to look over the build sheets below and choose options you think will suit you.  You can email that over to Sarah Jo with a list of any questions you may have.  Her email address is sarahjo@trailmarkeroutdoors.com

Some quick answers on common questions: 

  • We order wall materials mid month every month.  Right now due to COVID, that takes 28-30 weeks for delivery.   Once walls arrive it takes 4-6 weeks to do you build depending on the in process production schedule.  Your order is processed in queue with others on a first come first serve basis.    Our current lead time is 12 months.  

  • Standard exterior gelcoat colors are White, Black, Tin Man Gray & Combat Green.  All interiors are white gelcoat except the ceiling panel which is color on inteior/white on exterior. 

  • 3 payment options. 

    • Private pay: 1/3 down. 1/3  start of assembly (frame complete & walls installed). 1/3 when it passes QC before delivery. 

    • Terms and conditions are available for review. 

  • Finance​

    • 10% down​, rates apply

    • 20% down, rates apply

  • Spec review and drawings take many back and forth conversations and that is fine with us.  We love talking to you and email correspondence.  Just be patient as we always have a dozen or so inquiries in the queue at all times.  ​

  • We do no carry inventory - each trailer is built to order from frame to completion here in our factory.

  • The customer is responsible for setting up pick up at our factory or delivery to their address once the trailer is complete. 

  • Currently we do not rent or demo the trailers.

  • We do not offer free or discounted trailers for people in the industry. 

Standard Trail Marker BUILD SHEET PDF's and excel sheets
Bushwhacker Trail Marker PDF's and excel sheets
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links to our accessory suppliers

We have a number of Industry Partners and below you will find some links to understand their products.  Feel free to browse around their web sites for more information, and check back with us for any questions.  

Enjoy the adventure. 

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