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Its not always easy to visualize a Trail Marker Travel Camper Trailer without seeing one.  That is why we strongly suggest you come see us at our factory located in Barneveld, NY just north of the Utica exit on the New York State Thruway.  

Here are some other layouts to give you an idea of how to use space.  Keep in mind that usually we custom make all our trailers for you, and anything can be changed for your needs.  

For example, we can go wider and turn the bed 90 degrees to add room.  We can go smaller to reduce weight to as little as 600 lbs, or we can go another 6-7 inches taller to add headroom.  The easiest way for us to communicate is through phone calls, emails, face to face meetings, and exchange of drawings and 3D renderings. 

Below are some examples of gel coat colors  and drawings that we can order with a short lead time. 

more drawings and info here.