Custom Rolling Star Trailers. 

The AlAskan Concept Vehicle

The Alaskan is a trailer that was conceived bu our friends Hank and Mary who are homesteaders in Alaska.  The basic design of the Alaskan is simple and elegant in its design. It is extremely light at less than 2500 lbs and features a slope front and back, as well as an updrop tail with bumper and dual spare tires.  Inside is a Dometic Range, Maxx Fan, double beds ( or King Bed) , propex heater and tons of storage.  
We actually do not have many pics of this concept vehicle because we were so under the gun to finish it before Hank drove it back from NY all the way to Alaska.  
This is an inquiry only trailer and we can share you drawings so you can decide what what will go into your Alaskan model.  
The custom XL
If you are looking for a cargo trailer that can haul and sleep 4 inside safely and comfortably?  this is the trailer for you. It is 7 x 7 x 14 and is for road use. 
Rear Ramp Door
Queen Bed on a bed lift
Bushwhacker queen below
2 tables
LED lighting
interior fan
tie downs
for drawing file, click here. 
The XL is a quote only Trailer and is quoted based on a specification created by the customer and Rolling Star. 
to start the process, please email customer service.

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