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overland camping trailers



The Trail marker is made of honey comb composite materials and is the lightest trailer of its kind, starting at only 980lbs. 


You need this....  you need a vessel to you get you outside.  Only after you have returned home from a trip into the wilderness will you really appreciate Life.  You need this. 


how did it happen?

What is Trail Marker?  The easiest way to explain the Trail Marker outdoor camper and toy hauler hybrid is to hear the story about it from the man who made this dream a reality.....  JP Ross.  

I started JP Ross & Company in 1997 and it started as a fly rod company.  Now many years later the company has grown and changed as I have gotten older.  Personally I got married to a beautiful woman named Bobbi Jo who loves the outdoors as much as I do.  She gave us and this world two beautiful kids named Parker James and Paisley Jo.  As I grew older and became a father I went through that emotional change that I think everyone goes through. What makes me happy?  I just want to be happy and be outside and be simple.  I needed a vessel, or portal of some kind to get me, Bobbi Jo, Parker, Paisley (and Patton our black lab) into the wilderness.  I wanted to be a father and still be myself.  I wanted to give my family something that was part of me.  That part of me was the gift of being outside i wanted to give to my family. 


I had a lot of camping gear and to be honest, I have an emotional connection to my stove, my sleeping bag, my cot, my axe, my hatchet...  and other stupid stuff.  

We looked around for an Overland Camper Trailer that has the following. 

  • light weight, less than 2000 lbs. 

  • 6' x 12' cab or similar

  • roof rack for a canoe

  • made very well with high quality, would last

  • I was afraid of wood

  • had a warranty

  • can haul a light 4-wheeler or motorcycle

  • can be set up in a minimum of 15 minutes

  • something we can stand up in to change

  • has LED lighting and Solar Charging Capability

  • is affordable

  • has a comfortable bed

  • has an interior that my wife will love

  • has the flexibility be used to move furniture, or get plywood at the Hardware store, and carry a ladder.  

  • light dirt road use



The criteria goes on and on. In short, we found nothing.  
However, we knew we could make something better and different.  

So I met up with some very talented and wonderful people at Rolling Star Manufacturing right here in my home town. Rolling Star rolled their first trailer out the door in 1996, and since then they have made trailers for the FBI, Command Centers for the NAVY, training trailers for many fire departments, and even made trailers for communications in the Olympics.  As soon as I began working with the Beck Family at Rolling Star, the collaboration energy began and a true partnership was solidified.


They build the trailer from tube frame right up to the top.  It is completely made by local workers. Rolling Star does also Warranty the Trailer and will also service and modify them to our needs. 

click here to read more about the story how we created the Trail Marker...  




 Rolling Star  has spent 25 years manufacturing  military command center trailers and emergency response units. We offer a 5 year warranty on all components and materials and piece of mind. 

what's new!? 

Trail Marker is now becoming an online, one stop shop for all your camping, overland, adventure, and general trailer needs. Click here to check out what we now offer!!


Toy Hauler

Camping Trailer

Overland Trailer

Cargo Hauler

Recon Center

Trade Show Vehicle

Prepper Vessel

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